"Personal attention during one-on-one activities with horses creates cellular changes in your physiology building new pathways to inner peace, success, and joy in your mind, body, and spirit."

~Linda Kingsbury

Equine Facilitated Learning with Horse Heart Connection

Horse Guided Human Transformation

Improve leadership skills through experiential learning with horses to build social intelligence and emotional agility with co-workers. Experience team-building activities and learn to give and receive support from the horses and each other.

Throughout our Leadership Development sessions we will undergo multiple shared experiences that develop emotional fitness, non-verbal communication, and problem solving skills. Our time together is an opportunity to learn effective ways of being the Leader of your own life while giving and receiving support from each other. As we become the leader in our own life, we naturally expand our leadership capacity with others and are able to focus the direction of our lives in a healthy way.

The horses will be our teachers with co-facilitation from EponaQuest Approved Instructor Linda Kingsbury as the Equine Facilitated Learning Professional. Other experienced professionals will be added to the team as needed to round out the training to meet your organizations needs. We learn with the horses through direct observation, hands-on activities, reflective and active round pen sessions. Leadership Development sessions can be customized according to your need. Advanced sessions can include riding activities.

An effective leader is willing to step into vulnerability and open to learning more than they think they already know. This allows us to be patient with our process in experiencing something new and, "to do as if we don't know". When we are the Leader of our life, we consciously choose to step forward with an open mind, seeing things with curiosity and being open to learn and grow…and that is beginner's mind.

Leadership topics include:

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Hire Linda Kingsbury for your next organizational program, staff meeting or retreat. Call today to schedule a session or workshop in experiential learning with horses that is healing to both horses as well as the people involved. For more information and to schedule a session contact Linda at 208-883-9933 or grace@horseheartconnection.com.