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"One of my favorite benefits of swimming with wild dolphins is how they grace my life with aliveness and joy once I am back on land. Just thinking of them and our time together brings a smile to my face and healing to our world."

~Linda Kingsbury

Dolphin Horse Heart Connection Adventure

Personal Development in Paradise

Have you always wanted to swim with wild dolphins? Need an adventure to lift you out of depression or a mid-life slump? Do you want support reconnecting to passion and purpose in your life?

Dolphins and horses:

Why Dolphins?
Dolphins and whales began showing up in Linda Kingsbury's dreams at a time when she needed healing support in her life. Through research and reading she discovered the healing benefits of dolphins and wanted to experience it first hand. She has been swimming with wild dolphins in the warm water off Florida, Hawaii, Costa Rica, and Bimini since 1998. Linda says, "Their soulful gaze inspires me to live my best life possible, brings cellular healing, and rejuvenates my soul."

Why Horses?
Once again Linda knew to listen to and take action on her dreams when horses started appearing in them. She attended her first desert retreat with the horses of Arizona in November 2010. That began her path to become an EponaQuestâ„¢ Equine Facilitated Learning Instructor. The more time she spent with horses as teachers, she realized similarities in the gifts that dolphins and horses have for us. She says, "My love of being in Hawaiian paradise and the opportunity to be with horses and swim in the ocean each day is a dream come true. Now is the time to share these exhilarating adventures with you."

Why now?
During this time of planetary transformation, Dolphins and Horses teach us ways to live compassionately, intelligently and cooperatively. As we learn to experience life from our authentic selves, we can develop sustainable communities, consensual leadership, and a better world for all. Mutual support is part of Dolphin pod and Horse herd dynamics. Through natural join-up opportunities, we engage in telepathic transmissions and heart coherence experiences. This provides us exactly what we need to give us the buoyancy to rise to our next level of conscious living. Dolphins and Horses support us unconditionally to establish our divine presence and accomplish our divine purpose on earth.

Adventures in Paradise
Fill yourself up with joy, passion for life, inspiration, and memorable life changing experiences on Hawaii and Maui. This year we are offering our 3 day Exploring EponaQuest Training on Maui, a 5 day Dolphin Horse Heart Connection, and a 6 day Dolphin Light Adventure with Aura & Chakra Program and wild dolphin swims in the open oceans of Hawaii. Our programs are designed to give you a taste of being in the tropics learning from Dolphins, Marine life, and Horses in a supportive environment.

Customize your experience and choose from these adventures guided by Linda and Sharon:

3 day Training - Explore EponaQuest(tm) on Maui. This Horse Heart Connection retreat focuses on meeting the requirements of an EponaQuest Introductory Workshop. The horses will be our teachers with co-facilitation from EponaQuest Approved Instructor Linda Kingsbury and Sharon Alley as the Equine Facilitated Learning Professionals. We learn with the horses through direct observation, hands-on activities, reflective and active round pen sessions.

5 day Retreat- Dolphin Horse Heart Connection. Give yourself the gift of spending some time this winter in enchanting Hawaii. Each day we will visit sacred sites and deepen our connection to island marine life and horses. Layering experiences with wild dolphins and mindfulness with horses sessions is an exquisite way to enhance joy and conscious living in all areas of your life. Nurture your soul with this adventure in paradise.

6 day retreats - Our Dolphin Light Adventures are designed to give you a deep immersion experience of being in the tropics learning from Dolphins and marine life in a supportive environment. There are multiple personal growth, leadership, and environmental awareness opportunites thoughout the week. Experience encounters with wild dolphins, whales (in season), and the natural world that raise your joy, awareness, and enthusiasm for life. Heart warming join-up sessions and eye to eye contact with dolphins creates life-long lasting change. Retreat Activities include: Expressive Arts, Silk Painting, Conscious Energy Breathing, Visiting Historic Sites, Snorkeling with Tropical Fish, Wild Dolphin Swims in the open ocean/Whale watch excursion, Yoga, and Dream Circles.

All Dolphin and Whale Adventures are for people of all swim levels.

Since the class time with horses involves non-riding activities, no prior experience with horses is needed. If you wish to ride the island horses, you can schedule a private riding lesson or trail ride outside of workshop time.

These workshops are co-facilitated by EponaQuest Instructors Linda Kingsbury of Horse Heart Connection and Sharon Alley of Equine Dimension in New York.

Please feel free to contact Linda by email or phone at 208-883-9933 for more information or travel and lodging suggestions.

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