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"Being seen and unconditionally accepted by another species enhances oneness with all creation and supports the development of deep respect for our planet and all its inhabitants."

~Linda Kingsbury

Benefits of Horse Heart Connection Workshops

Horse Heart Connection Workshops... a Deeply Transformational Experience

Horses provide natural biofeedback helping your learn about yourself and your world. With their big gut and heart they help us to learn from the three brains located in our own gut, heart, and head. Learning to balance your connection to the intelligence of your body, your emotions and your thoughts, promotes congruent and balanced living.

Experiential, hands-on learning transfers the knowledge to our cellular memory creating new pathway of success. This allows us to easily take the insights and solutions with us so they can be integrated into daily living with our horses, ourselves, our community and the world.

These fun and interactive workshops weave transformational experiences with horses along with other somatic body-centered learning including authentic movement, sound healing, and expressive arts activities.

Class size of a maximum of eight participants allows for individual attention and the opportunity for you to have a deeply transformational personal growth and horse human experience.

Learn about both the science and the human growth potential of being with horses based on cutting edge research. Experience the heart resonance field, non-verbal communication, and increase in the bonding hormone oxytocin.

EponaQuest Approved Workshops contain the basic philosophies, skills and activities required to prepare for advanced work with EponaQuest. Participants receive a Certificate of Attendance.

JOIN US in HAWAII this winter for extraordinary opportunities with island horses in paradise. If you are considering an EponaQuest Apprenticeship, you can meet your Introductory workshop requirements with us by attending our Big Island Dolphin Horse Heart Connection Workshop March 11-15. Look at the Calendar and Register Here.