"Listening to my dreams is what brought me to the horses. When I was struggling during a mid-life health crisis, white horses began showing up in my nighttime dreams. I would appear on the back of a large white mare soaring through the sky with a smile on my face."

~Dr. Linda Kingsbury

About Dr. Linda Kingsbury

A Joyful Connection to the Natural World

Dr. Linda Kingsbury works in the Holistic Health field as a consultant, educator, and author. She earned a PhD in Holistic Nutrition and professional certificates in several natural health modalities. Her BA degree in Human Studies focused on working with at-risk-youth and expanding human development with expressive arts. She has additional training earning her Child Care Treatment and Assessment certificate, and a minor in Addictions Studies. She has shared her diverse talents working with social service organizations as a Stress Management Consultant including FEMA, YMCA, County Extension Services, Health Clinincs, Nez Perce Indian community, and teaching at local Colleges and Universities.

Linda brings her love for the natural world to all her work. She shares the joy of being with horses in a way that is respectful and healing for everyone in horse human interactions. During Horse Heart Connection workshops and private sessions, she blends more than 30 years experience teaching and consulting in the field of Holistic Health and Energy Medicine with her training in the popular EponaQuestâ„¢ Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning (EFEL) method. Linda is a member of PATH Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship, SARA Shelter Animal Reiki Association, and CADCA Community Anti-Drug Coalition of America. As an Earth Wisdom Practitioner she shares Celtic and Native American shamanic techniques (soul retrieval, drumming journeys, earth reverance songs, sound healing, purification and blessing ceremonies) with clients and horses.

Linda's hobby of swimming with wild dolphins, sea lions, and other marine life in the open ocean since 1997 enhances her joyful connection to the natural world and supports all her work. She calls horses her land dolphins due to the similarity in the intense connection that can be felt both when swimming with wild dolphins and being in the resonant heart field of horses. The natural curiosity and join-up that occurs is profoundly healing for heart and soul.

Linda says "Through research and reading l found the concept of being with horses as teachers to help me through a mid-life crisis. This led to me traveling to sunny Arizona to train and apprentice with top teachers in the field of Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning. Now I am living my dreams by sharing this work around the world. I invite you to join me as we let the horses guide our transformation as planetary citizens through awareness in action."

Visit www.IdahoHerbs.com and www.SpiritHerbs.com for more about her herbal and earth wisdom medicine work.