"Science is now prooving the benefits of being in the horse's bio-energetic field. The bonding hormone oxytocin increases and stays with us for a period of time even when we are no longer with the horse. Horse heart connection experiences enhances feelings of bonding in all of our relationships."

~Linda Kingsbury

About Horse Heart Connection

Joy... Awareness... Action... Connection

Based in beautiful Moscow, Idaho, Horse Heart Connection provides workshops and private sessions to explore your connection to your energetic and intuitive self through safe experiences with the natural world. Outdoor classrooms around the world includes experiences with horses, wild plants, trees, wind, water, sun, sky, dolphins, and sacred sites to expand your ability to live a life aligned with your heart's desire.

Do you want to experience the joy of swimming with wild dolphins in the open ocean? Do you want to experience how horses can help you become the leader of your own life? If so, we invite you to join us at this transformative time for humanity for a tropical adventure. Bring the blessings from your experiences with the marine life (dolphins, whales, turtles, manarays) and horses and each other back to your community.

If you are considering an EponaQuest Apprenticeship with popular author of Tao of Equus, Linda Kohanov, you can meet your EponaQuest Introductory workshop requirements with me by attending our Horse Heart Connection Workshop February 1-5, 2015. This year I am expanding Horse Heart Connection adventures to include tropical locations of Florida and and the Bahamas. Visit the Group Workshop Calendar for more information or call 208-883-9933.

Whether in North Idaho, New England or a tropical location, Linda Kingsbury offers life-changing opportunities to strengthen communication in all areas of your life. Bringing subtle energy field awareness into the way that you interact with all life cultivates respectful relationships in harmony with the natural world. Restore your personal rhythms through experiencing the heartbeat of mother earth by being in the midst of nature. Our tropical adventures give you the opportunity to experience join-up with both horses and wild marine life in sessions that naturally expand your consciousness and awareness as a full sensory Being.

Celebrate life and build respectful relationships through successful communication with horses in Equine Facilitated Learning hands-on workshops and individual sessions. Being with the horses as teachers allows you to learn and grow in the presence of a non-judgmental yet truthful mirror of emotions, unconscious beliefs, and behaviors. This experience is life changing in that it offers a chance to receive unconditional love and compassion from a thousand pound being. As emotions and body sensations are simply seen as information navigation of life's transitions is smoother.

Give back restorative energy to your equine friends who offer so much to you as therapy horses, in competition, and around the ranch. Develop your natural healing abilities with our Animal Reiki Practitioner Certification Workshops. Visit the Group Workshop Calendar for details.