Sarah Oswald ~ Horse Heart Connection Guest Teacher





"Throughout my life experience with horses, I realize they irrevocably change a person's life. Horses have a message to teach us about ourselves, about being together and about community. Connecting with horses begins in the heart. The magic is in the discovery."

~Sarah Oswald
Horse Heart Connection
Guest Teacher

About Our Horse Heart Connection Guest Teacher ~ Sarah Oswald

Passion with a Purpose

Horse Heart Connection workshops are taught by EponaQuest Approved Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning Instructor Linda Kingsbury and Guest Teachers, including experienced Horse Trainer Sarah Oswald.

About Sarah Oswald
With more than 20 years of experience with horses, Sarah Oswald was born and raised in a horse training family, receiving her first horse when she was 5 years old. She started competing at age 6 and by age 12 was hired to exercise horses and ponies. Sarah took her first training job, starting horses under saddle, when she was 15. She has professionally trained Paso Fino horses for 9 years, specializing in show and trail riding; including more than 12 months on the Flying M Ranch, the largest Paso Fino ranch in North America, where she studied with renowned Colombian 3rd generation Paso Fino trainer Alberto Sierra. She has also trained more than 100 horses professionally, in state and out of state, in barn management, lessons, teaching clinics and introducing people to Paso Fino.

Sarah has received numerous horse show awards, covering many disciplines: English, Western, Halter, Showmanship, Bareback, Trail, Jumping, Paso Fino, Classic Fino, Performance, Pleasure and Bella Forma. She has continuously expanded her own skills, attending multiple clinics over the past 20 years including:

Sarah believes horses have a purpose beyond horsemanship. Her passion, extensive background and knowledge of horses give Sarah the confidence and depth of knowledge to offer her clients the best horse healing experience possible. She deeply enjoys working with others sharing her knowledge, expertise and love of horses.