Welcome to Horse Heart Connection

with Dr. Linda Kingsbury

Animal Reiki Practitioner Teacher
EponaQuestâ„¢ Equine Facilitated Learning Instructor
Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning


"Once you are touched by the heart of a horse, your life will blossom and grow."
              ~Linda Kingsbury

Horse Heart Connection provides dynamic classes and private sessions expanding human potential by participating in meaningful bonding experiences with horses and the natural world. Whether you desire positive experiences for personal development or improving leadership skills, we provide a fun and safe space to explore the possibilities of nonverbal communication and collaborative leadership dynamics for humans and horses. Deepen trust with your horses. Be a respected leader with your horse.

Enhance your relationships in your personal and professional lives with time-tested EponaQuestâ„¢ Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning. We create an environment that allows the horses to be our teachers and our healers. Through awareness in action with horses, you learn to set healthy boundaries, enhance your non-verbal communication skills, and learn to be present from a connected style of leadership. Creative activities include sound healing with horses, earth wisdom traditions from Celtic and Native American traditions, and expressive arts from the heart.

Feel the vitality that comes from being consciously connected to the life force energy within and around you. Regain enthusiasm, purpose and passion for your life and for the good of all. Visit our blog to learn more about our life-affirming experiences and personal growth stories with horses and wild dolphins and the natural world.

Are you ready to develop your natural healing abilities or want to start a new career in Energy Medicine and Animal Communication? I have been teaching and providing consultations for people around the country in Energy Medicine and Clairvoyant communication for 30 years. I can share my wisdom with you and your companion animals in private sessions and Animal ReIki Practitioner Certification courses. We have completed our Animal Reiki Trainings for this year, but will schedule more in 2015.

Visit www.IdahoHerbs.com and www.SpiritHerbs.com for more about my Earth Wisdom Medicine.

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